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We like to see pedals and instruments find a new loving home. We trade or buy instruments, pedals, and amplifiers - email us to get a qoute.

  • M = Mint - items are in essentially new original condition but have been opened or played.
  • E = Excellent condition - items have been used but are free from any visible blemishes or imperfections.
  • VG = Very Good - items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape.
  • G = Good condition - items function properly but may exhibit some wear and tear.
  • F = Fair condition - gear should function but will show noticeable cosmetic damage or other issues.
  • P = Poor condition - gear may not work properly but can still perform most functions


Box or no box? If the pricetag shows a small star or mark in the corner the pedal comes with its original box - otherwise we will pack it in a suiting box or packing material when shipping. Please feel free to ask us if you have any question regarding any specific pedal or product.


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